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One day a father planned to teach his son a good lesson for life that the little boy would keep up his whole life. He took his son to their garden. The little boy was full of joy, jumping in seeing all kinds of fruits hanging in trees. They went near the orange tree and the father plucked one for his son. The little boy received it gladly and bites it without peeling the skin. It tastes sour and he dropped it into the ground.

The father asked, “Son, this fruit is so delicious and healthy to our body, why did you dropped it? ” The little boy answered, “Dad, it tastes so bitter, it could not be a good fruit.”

The father then plucked another orange and asked his son to peel the skin and eat. The little boy found it so tasty and amazingly asked his father, “Dad, how could the bitterness of the fruit turns to sweetness? “

The father replied, “Dear son, you have first tasted its cover. The cover is not meant for eating. The fruit lies within. This tough cover is made for the fruit to safeguard it, as it holds taste and tenderness.
Dear son, every, God’s creation has its own goodness.”

So, never judge anyone/anything by what you see.