How to check the expiry date on an LPG Cylinder???

How to check the expiry date on an LPG Cylinder:

When an LPG Gas Cylinder is delivered at your house don’t just pay the delivery man but make sure you check the expiry date on the cylinder if the cylinder has already expired return it back and do not take the delivery.

The Expiry date consists of character A to D and a two digit numeric value.

The A stands for March (1st Qtr),
       B for June (2nd Qtr),
       C for September (3rd Qtr) and
       D for December (4th Qtr).

The two digit number depicts the expiry year.
So for Example A-09 would mean the expiry date is March 2009 and C-14 would mean expiry date is September 2014.

Using an expired cylinder can cause hazardous accidents that could be fatal. More over the expired LPG cylinder are prone to leak.